About this Site

It’s about nutrition! But more than that, it’s about trying to get under the skin of nutrition, because, let’s be frank, the whole subject of nutrition is a minefield!

One minute fat is the enemy, next it’s carbs. Meat is good for you, then it’s poisonous! How can anyone make sense of this? So the main purpose of this website is to help you bring healthy living back into your homes by giving plenty of ideas, tools and resources to help along the way!

I will look at and examine the science behind the latest headlines and try and help you make sense of the sometimes confusing world of health and nutrition!

I will make a promise now – I’ll never stand on a pedestal and preach about nutrition. There are enough windbags out there who steadfastly stand behind one single approach to nutrition, but I’ve done enough study now to know that that’s a huge mistake!

Instead, I’ll look at all sides and try and give you enough information to form your own opinion. Because, you know, there’s rarely the known truth in nutrition. Only what we believe to be true based on what we have discovered so far.

Studies can and do contradict. And not all studies are good studies, it takes a scientist to recognise when they’re bad!

What this site isn’t
First and foremost, and I can’t stress enough, is this site is not any form of alternative to professional advice you would get from your GP, dietitian, or any other health practitioner. Nor is it representative of the views of other nutritionists, in whichever form they take (dietitian, nutritional therapist or other registered title).

Nor is it really a food blog. There’s no way I could (or would want to) compete with the growing trend of food blogs out there, many dedicated to meat-free and vegan cookery.

These sites started around the turn of the decade, and have therefore been going for a good 7 or 8 years. They attract a huge following, feature some stunning photography and food styling, and are digital works of art really.


The articles are categorised under different topics so that you can filter through and read the area you’re most interested in. The categories are listed below.

These articles are not time-bound! That is, you can read them and feel reasonably confident that they are relevant today as they were when they were written. Why? Because they are living articles.

You will notice both a published date and an updated date – this means that the article has been updated with new information or old information removed since first published.

The numbers used in the paragraphing are references – this is the source of that information. If you click on the number, it will take you to either a research paper or news release.

Some sources are links within the text – this is used more as emphasis, so that it’s clear that those words pertain to that source, whereas the number system will not always be so obvious (usually used for health claims where there could be more than one source).


  • Lifestyle & Dieting
  • Food & Food Groups
  • Men’s Health
  • Nutrition & Mental Health
  • Nutrition & Physical Health
  • Sports & Exercise Nutrition
  • Vitamins, Minerals & Nutrients

Creative Commons

You are free to share, distribute or reuse any of the articles. I have not used a copyright, as I want to give back what I’ve taken. The majority of the photography here is free to use and distribute stock photos (see below) and so it feels wrong to then lock my own work into a copyright.

I would appreciate that you credit me if you do use it, and not just pass it off as your own work.


All the featured photography comes from sites such as Pexels.com or Pixabay.com – the individual photographers are credited at the bottom of each article.

If you find an article with no photograph credit, it’s likely to be pre-2016. I’m slowly getting to these!

Featured recipes/companies

Sometimes I am approached to feature other people’s products and services. When you blog, you often get emails from people saying “you linked to this site, please link to mine”.

I am happy to do so if that link is appropriate. However, I do so as a favour, and there is no compensation in anyway.


As I am writing this, there are no affiliate links. In 2019, we started experimenting with using small ads in the sidebar. We are against placing ads in the main text of the article, as they are hugely distracting, however money doesn’t grow on trees.

Running a website costs money – and to make a website that runs efficiently, we sometimes need to use software that also costs money. So it would be nice to have some of these costs covered.

Time line

It’s about nutrition was registered in October 2016, and has been a slow work-in-progress since. Some of the articles were written much earlier, in a previous incarnation, so you may notice a change in style!

2017 is really the start of the journey, learning about writing for the web, using analytics to see which posts are read the most, and give me ideas where to concentrate my efforts. I even started a recipe blog after buying a mid-range digital bridge camera to photograph my results!

As I work on the site, things will change. I’m constantly learning the best way to structure my work and make it easier for anyone who stumbles upon this corner of the Net to navigate their way around.

Feel free to comment! You can say what you like about my work, but please be polite to anyone else who wishes to leave comments.

Image Credit
Helena Lopez – Pexels.com