British Government’s indifference to improving the nation’s diet


The UK Coronary Prevention group have accused the British Government of not doing enough to improve the poor diet that is behind the growing obesity epidemic. Seven out of ten British middle-aged adults are either overweight or obese and nearly half are suffering from high blood pressure, a condition that can lead to strokes, heart and kidney disease.

The report published by the charity highlights projects funded by the government that are being used to invest in the manufacturing or selling of high calorie foods, such as ice-cream and chocolate.

The charity urges the government to adopt such techniques as “nutrient profiling” to assess the impact upon the nation’s health before granting such funding.

The reports can be accessed and read on the World Obesity website

Changing the food of Britain: This Briefing Paper summarises the report Nutrient Profiling: Changing the food of Britain,
published in March 2015 by the Coronary Prevention Group in collaboration with the
World Obesity Federation.