Our journey begins…

Eating well may seem like common sense, but if that was the case – how do we explain the growing trend toward being overweight, suffering more conditions such as allergies, autoimmune disorders among others? Can we really blame our genetics for all of it? Clearly there are environmental factors at play, of which nutrition must have a place. Most of us rely, to some extent, upon processed foods; we’re too busy to prepare every meal from scratch, or so you’d think – the truth is, we’ve lost the art of cooking! Many of our European counterparts and many cultures around the world still prepare all their meals from scratch. But that doesn’t mean hours sweating over a stove!

My mission is to guide you back to nutritional health, and share with you some of the science around nutrition and share knowledge of food preparation and cooking skills as I develop these myself! I’m no cook, but I’m on a journey to improve that and share with you my new found skills.

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